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Cold Beet Soup

After buying beets at the Dupont Farmers' Market, I was talking with my dad, and he suggested I make cold beet soup. He then put my mom on the phone, and she gave me directions. Thanks, parents!!!

Note: I am not providing the amounts, because everything depends on how many people you are feeding, and your preference for each of the ingredients: beets, beet greens, cucumbers, green onions, eggs, buttermilk and dill.

Do ahead: 1) peel, slice and cook beets in salted water
2) once the beets are almost tender, add sliced beet greens and cook for a few more minutes
3) let the mixture cool
4) separately hard-boil eggs, and let them cool too

1) Place cubed cucumbers and sliced green onions on the bottom of the bowl

2) Add cooked beets, beet greens, and some of the liquid
3) Add a few pieces of a hard boiled egg
4) Pour in some buttermilk
5) Mix everything, add dill, and season with salt & pepper


Anonymous said...

I adore borscht. This is my kind of soup. This soup will be on the menu when the next heat wave hits DC!