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Asian Flavored Chicken Burgers

This recipe came about as many others from the availability of the ingredients mixed with my creativity.

For dinner I was making Mark Bittman's corn salad. What to go with it? Stacey suggested fish or shrimp or scallops, but the fish department of my grocery store stank!!! I decided to go with chicken. Ground chicken breast was on sale for $3.99/pound, and I put it in my cart. But then, I saw chicken breasts for $1.99/pound and ended up buying that.

My handy dandy food processor was able to "ground" the chicken breasts (I first cut the chicken breasts into cubes because did not want to overheat the motor).

To the chicken I added a minced garlic clove, a can of diced water chestnuts, an egg, a one inch piece of minced ginger, soy sauce, chopped cilantro and pepper.

I then divided the mixture into 6 equal parts to make 6 burgers.

It would have been ideal to taste the mixture, and I could have done it by cooking up a mini "meatball," but I was running out of time before going dancing. I cooked the chicken burgers uncovered for about 5 minutes per side, and then 3 more minutes covered.

Thoughts: the final product was pretty good, but needed more salt! I ended up dipping it in a bit of soy sauce mixed in with sweet pepper sauce.


BlueToYou said...

that looks good. i never would have thought of grinding up the chicken like you did!

you should try red wine and soy sauce as a combination one day with ground beef. super good.

Anonymous said...

I am going to try your chicken recipe and the ground beef suggested one. They both sound great!

Anonymous said...

Niice! You cook like a pro! :-)
And a nice soy-based dipping sauce on the side always works for me.

Btw: I'm still working on my top 5 issues. hahaha. So far i narrowed it down to 37. hehe

tigerfish said...

Hahha...and together with this, my TV lunch today.

Thanks for droppin' by my blog :)