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Anna Cooks

When I went to visit Anna in Des Moines for Thanksgiving, we made "French Toast Bites" and they were so good, Anna made the same dish a few days ago for our mom. Deliciousness!

The only credit I'm taking for this dish is helping cut up a watermelon for the fruit salad and taking this picture.

Ingredients and Directions:
1) cut up raisin bread or challah into cubes
2) in a bowl mix together a few eggs, cream, water, vanilla and brown sugar
3) soak the bread in the above mixture and then cook in oil until crispy (the inside will remain tender, the sugar will caramelize on the outside)

Give this a try!


Anonymous said...

Ooh... my kids would just LOVE that!

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. It's 9:33 am. I have a cup of coffee next to me and nothing else.. I WANT to take a bite off my screen right now!! It's all your fault. :-)

lauren said...

i made this twice last weekend! yum! i can't wait to make it for my little sister. thanks!