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Pesto Chicken Grilled Flatbread

First of all, I did not make this meal! I came home after unsuccessful shopping trip, and just had no desire or energy to cook. I decided to check out a new place, Sandella's Flatbreads, that opened close to my home.

There were too many choices, but I ended up ordering a Pesto Chicken Grilled Flatbread (grilled chicken, roasted red peppers and tomatoes over mozzarella cheese and creamy pesto sauce).

Thoughts: good flavor, white chicken, delicious red roasted peppers, but definitely needs more of the pesto sauce. The flatbread is great! Definitely something you can easily recreate yourself: maybe add some pine nuts?


Anonymous said...

I like flatbread pizza - not too stodgy. I made a couple of tortilla pizza's not so long ago & they were really quick & easy to put together.

Unknown said...

Oh i like these flatbread pizza. That whole pie would do only about 2 minutes and 14 seconds with me. :-)
And yes to more pesto and pine nuts too!