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Product Review: Passion Iced Tea

When I was in Brooklyn last month, Jenny, Anna, Misha and I stopped by Starbucks and I bought their Iced Passion Tea. I think it was only around $7 for 6 pouches, each making a pitcher(unfortunately I cannot find any information on their website).

I absolutely love it! I actually add more water than recommended in the directions to make it a bit weaker, but it is still very refreshing, fruity and flavorful.

If you can find this blend in your local Starbucks, definitely give it a try!


BlueToYou said...

I always get this at starbucks, unsweetened and love it. :)

Jennifer said...

It's good hot too. I have been addicted to this flavor for a long time and just drink cup of tea after tea! The Wild Sweet Orange is actually pretty darn awesome too (when you're ready for a change). They actually have them at HEB here in Texas. I didn't realize they were now selling them in large bags to make pitchers with. That's fabulous!

Sweet Cheeks said...

It is so pretty. You would have to just love drinking it.