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TMC Tower

This "recipe" is a play on the Insalata Caprese (tomatoes, mozzarella, basil).

Tomato, Mozzarella, Cilantro Tower

Ingredients & Directions: Place a slice of tomato on a plate, top with cilantro & garlic infused oil*, top with a round of fresh mozzarella, add more cilantro & garlic infused oil; repeat. Don't forget to season with salt!

**cilantro & garlic infused oil: puree cilantro with garlic, add oil.


Anonymous said...

The picture is great but then I read what the C meant and was dissappointed (I hate cilatro!). But a basil pesto would also work great with this caprese salad stack.

Olga said...

My dad can't stand cilantro either. I think basil will be great, or you can even use flat leaf parsley. said...

Do you have a recommendation for someone who doesn't like tomato? I try so hard to like tomatoes because its in everything, but i don't like the taste or the texture. This looks excellent. I've also seen it with a pesto sauce.

Would you mind emailing me.

Anonymous said...

This just looks fab & after the summer break of just tooo much food, this looks light & tasty!