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An almost white dinner

I feel like I barely ate any food today: the cut in (on?) my tongue makes it really hard. To get a few extra calories, I forced (lol) myself to get a Sundae at McDonald's.

For dinner I needed to make/buy something that would be rather blah, but still appetizing. I went to the store, bought a few red potatoes, prepared rotisserie turkey breast and a giant avocado. All I had to do was boil the potatoes and mash them with some milk and butter: dinner served.

I'm afraid I ate a bit too much. After a "normal" meal, I also had one (or two...) mashed potato sandwiches. Okay, this is a total white trash indulgence, but I love it: white bread, mayo and mashed potatoes. Yes, Stacey, I wasn't kidding :) And while I ate all this white food, I watched the Biggest Loser...right.
Let's hope I can soon eat more exciting food.


sj said...

Hey sweetie... just stopping by to check in on you and hope you're feeling better.


We miss you!

Olga said...

Jo, that's the cutest comment ever! Yes, I'm doing better and promise to post a few new "recipes" soon.