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Testing, and then testing again

What happens behind the scenes before you can try out a recipe at home that you find in a magazine? Most often, someone else tests it. Sometimes, that tester is me.

I've been testing recipes for Robyn Webb for over 2 years now. What usually happens is she sends me a list of recipes, I go grocery shopping, buy the ingredients, and then play a mad scientist in my kitchen.

Why a mad scientist? Because I have to be extremely precise about measuring out every single ingredient, follow directions to a "t," and take notes about how long it takes to prepare and then cook every single recipe.

Most of the times, the results are good. However, sometimes, there are flops.

For example, the pecan cookie recipe I tested over the weekend was too sweet and did not have enough nuts. I suggested a few adjustments, but in the end Robyn decided to go ahead and use a gingerbread recipe instead. That recipe had a few flows with it too. I made a few substitutions and changed some of the amounts, and last night it turned out much better: what a sense of accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

Very cool!


Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Mmmmn, pecans....