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Brownies with a twist

This past Saturday Anna and I went over to Stacey's for her kids' birthday party. It was a total blast! I wanted to bring something, but did not have a lot of time and decided that everyone loves brownies, and that it would be a good idea.

I bought a boxed brownie mix and decided to "spike it up" with fresh orange zest and dark chocolate chips. Following directions on the box, I simply added orange zest while mixing eggs/oil/water, and then once everything was completely mixed with the "flour" package, I folded in the chocolate chips.

Once the brownies were baked and cooled, I glazed the entire thing with a mix of confectionery sugar and milk. I think they turned out pretty well, if I say so myself.

Other variations that I've made in the past include adding nuts, Snickers bars, or all of the above. I've also heard someone suggesting adding dried cherries: something to try in the future.


a quiet life said...

good idea! i assume there is no finished product pic due to camera malfunction/you ate them all too fast?! i could live on brownies...