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Roasted Carrots

Let's say you have 2 pounds of carrots and your sister is preheating the oven to roast sweet potatoes. Oh, and you are also now paying for electricity separately (before it was included in the rent)...what shall you do? Why, roast those carrots of course!

I did not want to just have plain roasted carrots, so decided to add a few spices. I peeled and chunked the carrots, then put them in a big bowl and drizzled with olive oil. Then went in the spices: ground cumin, ground mustard, chili powder, curry powder, and of course some kosher salt.

I roasted the carrots at 400 for about 45 minutes (it all depends on how soft you want them and on the size of the chunks). I thought the outcome was rather nice, but Anna did not like the powdery coating. To each their own! (P.S. her roasted sweet potatoes turned out great!)


sj said...

Mmm... love roasted veggies... these look divine!