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Empire Apples are Back!

A few weeks ago I wrote about Pink Lady apples. They were sweet and juicy, and a great snack around 2 pm when I want something really sweet. But my most favorite apples are Empire.

Yesterday I finally saw that the Empire apples were back at the grocery store: I was super excited and bought a big bag of them. Not only are they pretty, but they have very thin skin, juicy flesh, and perfectly sweet taste.

Would I cook with Empire apples? Sure! I think they'll be good in apple pancakes, apple/cabbage salad, or even in a pie.

However, for now I will simply eat them as is.

Did you know that Empire apples were developed at the New York State Agricultural Experimental Station in Geneva? Turns out, they are a cross between Red Delicious and McIntosh. I'm guessing McIntosh won :)


Anonymous said...

These look so shiny and delicious...great photos!

Vorlaufer Von Rottotiller said...

you rock! I just bought a big bag of empires also! on the same principles of course!


Pam said...

Beautiful apple shots. I love Empire apples. My stores aren't carrying them right are a lucky girl!

BlueToYou said...

these look like magazine photos :)

Anonymous said...

These apples sure look delicious! Great photography!