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Eating in Savannah, Day 1

First day in Savannah, GA was pretty chill (both in things we did and in the weather...good thing I took Anna's puffy coat with me). For dinner, Paige and I went to Vinnie Van Go Go's in the City Market area. I ran across this place in several sources as I was doing my research for the trip, and had high hopes!

Although the hostess was rather unpleasant, the food did not disappoint. This is not your fancy pizza place: the decor is rather shabby and dark, the chairs are metal and the tables are not very stable, but we were there for the food!

After ordering some cider beer (I'm becoming quite a fan of this beverage), Paige and I ordered two slices of pizza each. Vinnie Van Go Go's doesn't have a pre-set menu: you create your own!

Before I write about my creations, here are a few photographs of the pizza dough being tossed in the air! Let me tell you, it's hard work: I tried doing it for my Daring Baker's Challenge and did not succeed.

My first slice of pizza had pepperoni, artichokes, tomatoes and feta. The second slice had spinach, fresh mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. The crust was thin and crisp (just how I like it); the cheese was perfectly melt-y, but I wish some of the vegetables (like mushrooms) were slightly pre-cooked (yes, Anna, I said that! I can admit you are right when it comes to pre-cooking some of your food). The slices were bigger than the plates, but we managed to finish our food. Alas, they did not have any Ranch dressing to dip the crust.

After dinner, Paige attended a $5 wine tasting at a local wine store. Unfortunately, not only was the guy administering the tasting not very chatty, but the wine was also not to Paige's liking.

To make Paige's taste buds happy (and I never pass by dessert) we went to Cafe GelatOhhh!, conveniently located in the same City Market.

This place is adorable: very cute and bright decor! It'd be a fun place to visit during the summer, but the cold weather did not stop us from tasting some of the gelato flavors.

I tried 3 flavors: mango (some of the best mango flavored "things" I've ever had!), hazelnut and chocolate: all superb! Paige tried two flavors and gulped it down with some tea :)

That's the ceiling! How pretty is that?


Unknown said...

Oh the Savannah write ups are beginning to float in! Exciting :) I'm always right - you should've learned that by now.

Unknown said...

Ooooh! The pizza looks delicious and what neat pictures of them tossing the dough. :)

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

Wow Olga I love these "flying" pizzas before and after...cooked great photos!! Ice creams a delight I change the mango for dulce de leche :)

Dewi said...

Wow, that dude is really awesome. Yes, LOL, I remember that DB's challenge.
Sounds like you have wonderful time in Savannah.

Anonymous said...

I've been to Vinnie's! It was delicious and cheap!

Anonymous said...

I love Vinny Van GoGo's - all the way from sunny AZ. Wish they would franchise and head west. Enjoy the rest of your time in Savannah.

Anonymous said...

Cider beer?? You must tell me more. What is that? I love cider, especially the Spanish version made with apples called cidre.

Your postings remind me fondly of my own trip to Savannah a couple years ago. What a charming city, and yes, full of good eats. Can't wait to go back again.

Unknown said...

Vinnie's is the only good pizza in Savanna. I lived there for several years and went there often. The servers were never particularly cordial, but it is a casual place and always completely packed, so I guess they don't have to be.

BlueToYou said...

for the record, i got chocolate hazelnut and stratecelli gelatto, HIGHLY recommend the Gelatohhh place!!! :)