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Monday Breakfast in Savannah (1/19/09)

Paige left early Monday morning, and I was tempted to stay in bed and watch the morning shows. But then I became hungry and thought I should go get some breakfast, and see more of Savannah.

Several of my on-line resources recommended Gallery Espresso. Just like most of the food establishments in Savannah, this was a combination of cafe and art gallery: many of the SCAD students display and sell their work here.

Since it was already close to 11 am, I decided to just get tea and a scone. I've never seen such an interesting tea apparatus before. You brew your tea in the upper part (see the photo below) and then put it on top of a cup, which releases some mechanism, and your tea pours into a cup. Fascinating stuff.

The scone was crumbly and just slightly sweet. Part of me did not want to go outside: it was such a cold day, but I did not even have a book with me and would have felt awkward just sitting in the cafe twimbling (?) my thumbs.


Dewi said...

Olga, I am jealous dear. This is the best part of vacation, going out and have breakfast at the restaurant. I always like this part. You are so lucky!

BlueToYou said...

the painting on the bottom right looks a bit creepy, but i love all the mixed up chairs in the cafe.