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Room Service & 11:15 pm call

After a day of walking around Savannah, I was so tired. I probably also did not drink enough water (something that always happens when I travel). By the time I got back to the hotel, watched a bit of TV and took a nap, it was 6 pm. It was dark and cold, and I really did not feel like going out for dinner.

I decided to treat myself to room service, sit in bed and watch The Bachelor. That's exactly what I did. I ordered a steak dinner with rolls and salad, and it was pretty good! The Room Service people asked how I'd want to pay for it, and I told them to just put it on my card......

....well, I sort of forgot that when I checked into the hotel, I did not leave my credit card with them, but I did not think it was a big deal. I was snug in bed with TV on, when all of a sudden I get a call (on the hotel phone). It was 11:15 pm!!! Seriously? Was there a fire? Did someone decide to pay me a visit? No! They wanted to let me know that I did not have a card on file and would I like to pay for my food now. Hell to the no! I told them it was unacceptable to call so late at night and that I would deal with this issue in the morning.

In the morning, miraculously there were no charges. When I was checking out, I let the people know about my dinner fee, but they said they'll take care of it. Great! That meant I could buy a pair of earrings ;)


BlueToYou said...

good thing you complained and they comped your meal :) i, on the other hand, ate doritos and cheetos for most of the bus ride home.

misshoneybbabe said...

I've been working at hotels in Florida for the past 3 years. I do agree that calling you after 11pm wasn't the best idea, unless they had just left your room. You would be surprised at how many people try to skip out on a bill. Some even go as far to giving the wrong name or room number intentionally, even after politely corrected. At my hotel we just leave a note under the door asking the guest to settle their account in the morning, we make calls after 9am. But its great that they took the charge off, shows that they know they made a mistake and were proactive in resolving the issue. Great customer service.