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Dinner: Pork & Ice Cream

After work I went grocery shopping to test a pork & grape recipe for Robyn. It came out great, although I'm sure it'd be best on a grill, as it was intended. That's all I had for dinner: pork skewers with grapes.

That wasn't quite enough, so I decided to have chocolate ice cream with added pecans and grapes. And then I had another bowl of it.

I hope I'm not going to be sick :)

I am so looking forward to cooking up a storm this weekend and having some fun recipes/ideas to share with you.


Unknown said...

Chocolate Ice Cream and Grapes. That is a new one! :) The skewers look great!

Dewi said...

Pork and grape sounds like unusual combination, very creative indeed.

pigpigscorner said...

Pork and grapes? This is interesting! Choc ice cream with grapes sounds great!

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

Olga, pork & grape recipe...very creative :D
Well chocolate ice cream with pecans & grapes I am speechless!!


Pam said...

I've heard of chicken with grapes but not pork. It looks delicious.

Esi said...

I think the grapes sound really good with the pork. I hope you have a good weekend of cooking! My weekend will be similar :)

Sara said...

Pork with grapes sounds like an interesting flavor combination. And ice cream is always ok for dinner :)

Anonymous said...

ice cream is always allowed for dinner. in fact, sometimes, i'll forgo savory for it! ;)
hope you had a great vday.