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This past Sunday I went to a Pho restaurant in Arington with Jenn and Joenn. This was a cafeteria style place: no special decorations, little ambiance, but we came for the food.

The menu was simple: pretty much just soup and drinks. I was sad they did not have any appetizers. Not being super adventurous when it comes to meat, I ordered #9 (Jenn did the same!).

Joenn, on the other hand, ordered something with meatballs and tripe. Tripe!? I guess it's a lining of a stomach! I was brave and gave it a taste: I'm not a fan. It pretty much has no taste, but has a very chewy consistency. What I did like that Joenn ordered, was this pretty drink seen below. It was a coconut milk drink with jello cubes inside: sort of orange-y flavor.

And then came the soup (pho). The broth was very flavorful, but I still added a bit of hot sauce. We were also served a plate full of basil and sprouts. Oh, and the noodles were amazingly soft.

This was definitely a great meal....and the price was unbeatable!

Confession: after the meal Jenn wanted to get pancakes. Having made blueberry & mini chocolate pancakes for breakfast I wasn't very interested in that idea, but still came along to IHOP and ordered chicken wings!!!


Anonymous said...

I think I've heard of this restaurant although I've never been. The meal looks great!

The Purple Carrot said...

That soup looks great!

(ha, and those pancakes sound pretty good, too;)

Esi said...

Lololol, Pho makes me so full, I'm not sure I would have room for chicken wings after, but what a combo!

Unknown said...

Mmmm...Everything looks so good. The other day I was talking to my cousin and he asked me if I had heard of "Pho 99". And then he started laughing because he said at first hadn't realized it was a Vietnamese restaurant. He thought it was some kind of dollar store where everything was below five dollars. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your pho looked delicious. I have to find a place by me to try pho.

I find the idea of jello ice cubes intriguing. Did they melt into the drink or do you eat them? said...

Olga, we fell in love with Pho when we lived in Minneapolis. There is a large Hmong community there, (because Minnesota is so much like Cambodia), and the restaurants are cheap in price but lavish on flavor.

To this day, my now 20 year old can't get enough of Pho.

BlueToYou said...

not sure i'm into this type of food but your write-ups always explain things really well to people unfamiliar with the cuisine and help make the food relate-able to ignorant american palates like mine ;)

Unknown said...

You had to announce to the whole world that one meal wasn't enough for us??? Just don't let Luis find out:) heehee. The pictures look great by the way!