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Vinegret: Russian Beet Salad

A short little while ago I blogged about my favorite Russian potato salad. I told you it takes a lot of work to prepare the salad, but it's so worth it!

There is a variation to this salad called vinegret. What you basically do is add beets and sunflower oil and subtract mayonnaise, dill and Granny Smith apple.

Give this a try!

(these are just some guidelines: feel free to add more or less depending on your preference)
2 potatoes
3 beets
5 carrots
1 can of peas
6 baby dill pickles
3 eggs
sunflower oil

1. Cook potatoes, carrots, and eggs. It is very important not to overcook the vegetables: you don't want the salad to turn into a mush. At the same time, however, using undercooked potatoes is a crime in my book :) [Note: I cooked potatoes and carrots without peeling them first; my mom, however, recommended peeling carrots first: she is absolutely right! Follow her advice.]
3. Separately cook the beets in their skins and then peel and cube: be careful to get your fingers stained with beet juice!
4. Once the potatoes, carrots and eggs are cool, peel and cube them.
5. Cube pickles, and add them to the potato/carrot/egg/beet mixture.
6. Add a can of peas and enough sunflower oil to mix everything together.
7. Season with salt and pepper, and if you want add finely chopped onion.
7. Let the salad sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving.


pigpigscorner said...

Love the colours! Not a big fan of beet but I like the colour it gives to a dish.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you even used the sunflower oil! Perfect! I need to make this soon, even if I have to eat it all myself :)

sj said...

your salads always look so good... yum. And beautiful... tasty and pretty!

Sara said...

This looks so pretty! I love beets, yesterday I was catching up on old episodes of Martha Stewart's show, and there was a pastry chef making a beet cake with candied beet chips.

Irene said...

How awesome, I was just looking at some beets last night thinking, "I really need to make vinigret," and here is your post. Yay!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

This looks really tasty! My husband likes beets, I'll have to make this for him.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

We make ours the same way. It's funny that we all use canned peas but only use freshly boiled or roasted beets (I'm partial to the flavor roasting imparts on the finished product).

Peter M said...

Olga, I dig this kinda stuff...always looking for more ways to add veggies to my winter diet...DA!

BlueToYou said...

LOVE the colors!

kelsie and mel said...

oh my. my father makes this salad. our variation substitutes capers for peas. and also garnishes with snippings of fresh dill.
so glad you jarred my memory with this posting.