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Hamentashen: another disaster

Last year I attempted to make hamentashen for Purim. That was before I had this food-only blog :) Oh how things have changed...or have they?

My attempt last year was rather unsuccessful: the dough pretty much melted while in the oven, although they still tasted good. But I like pretty things: and the hamentashen did not turn out pretty.

This year I decided to make hamentashen again and followed Rivka's recipe. I've met Rivka a few times and had full faith in her recipe. Because I did not feel like going grocery shopping to buy more butter, I could only make half of the recipe. I used apricot jam as the filling.

I put the dough together, left it in the refrigerator for 40 minutes as the directions specified, but when I started rolling it out, it just would not come together and kept on ripping: ugh!

I managed to make 4 hamentashen total: what a disappointment! They did taste great though.

I did not want to throw the rest of the dough away, so I made a grape pie from it. A grape pie? Say what?  :) Intriguing, right?


The Purple Carrot said...

Four is definitely better than none, though!

Grape pie?? Sounds good to me : )

BlueToYou said...

aww well taste is better than presentation anyway :) good try though! i did not get any hamentashens for purim :(

Anonymous said...

The ones that came out look great! I'm curious about your pie.

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

Cooking, baking is like chemistry sometimes you don’t have what you expect but looks very yummy tough :)

I hope you've had a Happy Purim!


Dewi said...

Olga my dear, who says your hamentashens not pretty? They look very pretty to me, like the person who made them. Maybe not as pretty, but they close, ha ... ha... ha.

Gosh, I missed Purim this year, you know my husband normally reminds me with all of the holidays. Then, we invite our family and friends to celebrate. I guess this time he forgot. And I forgot too. Well, I blame it on him, he should remember, right?

Wait, did I read Grape pie? Aren't you inventive Olga!


The Duo Dishes said...

Um, we'd still eat those cookies. They look good to us.

Can't wait to see the grape pie. It's something heard of but never seen...

Unknown said...

Olga, they really do look great, and so yummy! Grape pie?! I have never heard of that one, it sounds like fun!

foodbin said...

it still looks ok.

Anonymous said...

The dough sounds tricky to work with. Still looks great to me, though.

Molly said...

If the photo is any indication, I am sure those four cookies were pretty darn delicious.