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Restaurant Week Lunch

A few weeks ago, Jason, Theresa, Melissa and I checked out Coeur de Lion for Restaurant week.
I've never heard of this restaurant, but was willing to trust Jason's judgement. Plus, the website looked pretty good!

Stepping into the restaurant, however, I felt a bit apprehensive. I felt like it was a rundown hotel restaurant where only hotel guests eat because they don't know of better options. The furnishings seemed old and out of style, and the room was rather dark. But food counts more, right?

Unfortunately, the food didn't win me over. There was a limited selection of appetizers, entrees and desserts. For an appetizer, all of us ordered Tomato/Fennel soup. The soup was pretty good, and it went well with a basket of bread we were served at the beginning of the meal.

For the entree, Jason and I ordered chicken fettuccine, while Theresa and Melissa ordered Cesar Salad with Salmon. The portions were huge! But that's not the most important factor when it comes to judging the food. I thought the pasta was fine, and although the chicken was perfectly cooked, I felt slightly disappointed. There was really no need for me to be paying for such quality of food: I could have cooked something like that myself, or better yet, had a meal for under $10 in Amsterdam Falaffel.

For dessert, Theresa and Melissa ordered chocolate cake, while Jason and I ordered apple turnovers. I would have ordered the chocolate cake too, but I had my amazing flourless cake waiting at home for me.

The chocolate cake was a bit dry and uninspiring. The apple turnovers had wonderfully flaky dough, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of cinnamon.

I would not go back to this place again, but the company was great!


BlueToYou said...

too bad. restaurant had a pretentious name too. i hate that!