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Hopefully, soon I'll be able to tell you about a new fun "thing" I'll be involved with, but in the meantime, here's a great place to get cannoli if you are in Washington DC area.

Last week, Annie and I went to the Union Station food court in search of good dessert. Okay, so it wasn't really a search since Annie told me I should get cannoli at the Vaccaro's Italian Pastry stand. (Click on the collage for a better view)

If you want ambiance and nice service, this is definitely not a place for you. The pastry store doesn't even have paper plates! They give you your choice of dessert wrapped in a napkin inside a white paper bag: classy.

But I suppose looks are not everything (right!).

I ordered a mini chocolate cannoli, which Annie was more than happy to hold so that I could take a photo. The ricotta filling was sweet, but not very smooth. The outside waffle was crisp, and the chocolate added a bit of a bitter contrast (a good thing in my opinion).

Beware that you will have to pay an extra quarter (or was it fifteen cents?) for the chocolate covered cannoli.

The photo on the right is me holding my very last bite of cannoli. And no, my nail polish in that photo is not black: it's dark purple.

Vaccaro's offers many other choices of dessert and can even ship their cannoli all over the United States! If you are not afraid of innumerable student groups that visit the food court at Union Station, definitely visit Vaccaro's.


The Purple Carrot said...


Can't wait to hear more details on this mysterious "fun thing" ...

In the meantime, hope you're having a great Tuesday!!

BlueToYou said...

you know, canollis are one of my favorite desserts, but they MUST have chocolate on them or chocolate chips in the filling. can't believe they charged you extra for what should be there in the first place. :P

Megan said...

I love cannoli an this one looks pretty tasty.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about your new fun thing - can't wait to find out! Big yum for the chocolate covered cannoli!

Unknown said...

I like your nail polish! :) The cannoli's look great!!

KimFromTheK said...

Vaccaro's has a sit-down restaurant location in Baltimore's Little Italy that you should definitely check out. More extensive desserts than the DC (Union Station and Foggy Bottom) counter locations, and a full coffee drink menu.