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Farmer's Market: Penn Quarter in Washington, DC

Penn Quarter farmer's market, Washington DC Yesterday I left work a bit earlier than usual and walked to the Penn Quarter Freshfarm Market. I did not really have anything particular I wanted to buy: I just wanted to stroll around, see what was there and sample some stuff (LOVE free samples).

By the time I arrived at the market, it was full of people, despite the hot and sticky weather.

I did what I usually do at markets: walk through, see what's out there and then make a second/third/fourth walk-through and decide what to get.

Below: "the scene" and also the orchid booth! This booth gets me in trouble quite often, as I absolutely love orchids. But this time I restrained myself and did not take any of these beauties home. Ok, don't feel too bad for me: I have 4 orchids at home, and one at work: it's just that none of them are currently blooming.

Penn Quarter farmer's market, the scenePenn Quarter farmer's market, orchids

Then I saw the cutest mini eggplants at the Mountain View Farm stand. I just thought the price was a bit over the top. Instead, I bought a basil plant ($2) and a bunch of beets ($3.5o) from them. After getting home, I replanted the basil plant into a bigger pot and really hope it will survive for a while.

Then what made me really happy was seeing tomatoes! Remember, last time there were none to be found. I bought a bunch of tomatoes from Toigo Orchards stand ($5).

Penn Quarter farmer's market, eggplantPenn Quarter farmer's market, tomatoes

Here they are up close and personal!

Penn Quarter farmer's market, tomatoes I also could not resist buying bread (bought 1/2 of white Pagnotta = $3). But look at the other gorgeous creations they have!

Penn Quarter farmer's market, breadPenn Quarter farmer's market, bread

Well, how could I go home with tomatoes and basil and not buy mozzarella? I stopped by at the Blue Ridge Dairy Co booth and bought a container of fresh mozzarella. It was no longer on sale like the last time, but I decided to splurge ($7).

All in all, I spent $20.50 and am very pleased with my purchases. Stay tuned to see what I cooked up with my buys from the market.

Question: what have you recently bought at your local farmer's markets? And what did you cook with your purchases?


Unknown said...

Aren't markets fab? Love those breads, I am a sucker for any kind of bread product! Last farmer's market I want to was in Barcelona, everything we bought (fruit, sandwiches etc.) we just ate right there.

Mary Bergfeld said...

We travel a great deal. I may miss the latest boutique but I never miss a market :-). We are kindred spirits. Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugging the Coast said...

Farmer's markets are a great way to feel a sense of community and connection to the well as the place where the market is held.

Great post!

♥peachkins♥ said...

I would've loved going to that farmer's market!

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

Lovely photos and I enjoy a lot to visit the farmer market. Stunning tomatoes :)

Cheers and Great Weekend!


Shelby said...

I would SO LOVE to be able to go to a City Farmer's Market. As it is, I am not able to get to even the local on here as it goes on from 8-12 on a town away from where I work. :-(

pigpigscorner said...

I love farmers market! I find something new everytime I visit.

BlueToYou said...

i am a bit suprised you didn't buy an orchid, but you're right. you have several at home :)