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Brunch Time!

Friday was my friend Radha's birthday, and in lieu of a gift, I offered to make her a Saturday brunch. She was happy to accept! I asked our other friend, Jenn, to be my co-pilot :)

I wanted the brunch to be casual, fun and include good but not fussy food. Here's a photograph of the table prior to the food: I used different colored plates, martini glasses, bowls and tall drinking glasses. For the center piece, I bought bright pink gerber daisies and mums in white and purple.

On the menu:

1) Smoked salmon with thyme cream cheese (I simply added fresh thyme to cream cheese and mixed it all together...I was going to use dill originally, but the store didn't have it), sliced cucumbers and tomatoes on a sliced French baguette

2) Roasted brunch potatoes (I will be posting a full recipe later this week)

3) Jenn's amazing fruit salad (Jenn seriously bought pretty much every single fruit imaginable--watermelon, apples, mangoes, pineapple, strawberries, kiwis, grapes, blueberries, raspberries and bananas--we mixed everything together other than bananas and grapes)

4) Drinks courtesy of Jenn: orange/mango/peach juice mixed with one of those fuzzy Italian sodas and topped with a few raspberries and blueberries: delicious!

Roasted Brunch Potatoes

Jenn's Amazing Fruit Salad

Here is the table with all the food and drinks! I also gave Jenn and Radha a lesson on how to make poached eggs (the eggs went on top of the roasted brunch potatoes).

There was plenty of food, girl talk and fun. In fact, after drinking and eating, we all took a 2 hour nap! I'm not sure what that says about my hosting skills :)

After the nap we devoured the fruit salad topped with home-made whipping cream and also baked biscotti (I will be posting those on Robyn's blog on Thursday. For those of you who just can't wait, they were made with crystallized ginger, pistachios and orange zest).


Unknown said...

Everything looks so pretty. And the brunch potatoes look scrumptious!

p.s. I like your new header. =)

Unknown said...

This looks wonderful. Your friend is very lucky to have you :D

Sasha said...

You're such a sweet friend, and I love how you set the table.

LOL at the fact that you guys took a nap. I think this says that you're a good host because had you been a bad one, your friends would've went to their own houses to slumber. : )

Bekah said...

hostess with the mostest!
i love giving little parties for friends and making the table look pretty!

brunch/breakfast especially. yum.

Jen said...

I bow to your awesomeness.

Mary Bergfeld said...

What a simply lovely feast. You've shared some really great ideas with us. Thanks!

Simones Kitchen said...

Great table setting Olga and love the simple yet tasty dishes! Those are always the best... which is probably why you all had a two (!!) hour nap! Did you all crash down on the couch?

Lele said...

I love brunch! It is my favorite meal!
Your table looks so inviting. I love Gerber daisies, I think they look so cheerful.

The Purple Carrot said...

I love the color table settings!

♥peachkins♥ said...

Oh my it's a fun brunch with lovely table setting and delicious food.Wish I was part of it.

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty table setting and a delicious brunch!

avesta said...

Your brunch table and the food look beautiful...simple and clean! I love it!