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Capital Food Fight

This is just a quick write up on DC Capital Food Fight I volunteered at a few weeks ago.

Why volunteer? That way you don't have to pay for the ticket and can still enjoy most of the event. My original "job" was to do security, but I nicely asked to be reassigned to do registration instead.

Basically, with the help of other volunteers I checked off the guests for the event and put those bands on their wrists that you get when you go clubbing.

The highlights were seeing all the outfits and having a quick chat with Mike Isabella's wife.

Wait, I should tell you a bit about the event itself (from the website):

The Capital Food Fight brings the food industry’s best talent together to support DC Central Kitchen’s unique brand of community empowerment. Dozens of hot restaurants serve signature dishes to guests while top chefs battle on-stage. Food critics and national celebrities are on hand to mingle with the crowd and add to the excitement.

This year's event featured guest celebrities and top chefs such as: José Andrés, Anthony Bourdain, Ted Allen, Eric Ripert, Carla Hall, Michael Mina, Barton Seaver, and Bobby Varua.

The event was held at the Reagan Building: here's a photo of before the activities started:

While doing registration, we were offered a delicious soup and kielbasa skewer courtesy of Jackson 20 and I also had a delicious watermelon/cucumber drink: that really helped to deal with some of the less pleasant and patient guests.

Here are a few photos of the scene once the party started!

Luckily, I was able to leave the registration desk long enough to sample some of the amazing food served by DC top restaurants. Miranda (who I originally met on Twitter and who happened to be volunteering at the same event) joined me.

Scallop ceviche by one of the Jose Andres restaurants; amazing lamb (don't remember the name of the restaurant)

layered desserts

The judges (LOVE Eric Ripert: actually when I first saw him at the event just walking by the registration desk, I squealed like a little girl!). Other judges included Ted Allen, Carla Hall and Jonathan Umbel.

The pantry provided by Wegmans and the graduating class from DC Central Kitchen:

The final battle was won by Michael Mina: congratulations.

This was a fabulous event! So much great food, such an important cause and one of the best experiences volunteering.


Sasha said...

Ooh. Sounds like fun.
I love Ted Allen! I remember when "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" was still on and he was on it. That show was hilarious.

Delicious Dishings said...

I would have squealed too if I saw Eric Ripert! Must have been an amazing event!

♥peachkins♥ said...

I bet it was fun!

BlueToYou said...

what a cool even to get to go to!