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Puerto Rican lunch @ Mio

Last week my friend Lisa asked if I'd like to go to Mio for media lunch instead of her. Of course I said yes: and am so glad I made that choice!

This was a special lunch to introduce Saborea Puerto Rico: A culinary Extravaganza. What perfect timing, since I'm flying to Puerto Rico this Saturday to visit my friend Laura and her family?

Just so that you know, I LOVE Latin culture: the music, the language, the people, etc., etc. I first visited Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 3 or 4 years ago with Anna and our friends and had an amazing time. Can't wait to spend my Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico.

But back to lunch in Mio. As I tried my best to mingle with people (something I really am anxious about), I tasted ceviche de carrucho (conch ceviche) served on white porcelain spoons: delicious!

I was also told about a pig the restaurant flew out from Puerto Rico specifically for this occasion and roasted to be served with yucca and onion confit. Not to be rude, but I must confess that I wasn't a huge fan of this dish. There wasn't enough meat, and the yucca was a bit plain. But the pig did look marvelous.

I was also urged to taste Puerto Rican rum. Not being a big drinker, I was only able to handle a little sip. But I did enjoy learning the proper ways to drink rum (you are to hold the glass or rum in your hand to warm it up before sipping it). Luckily, Mio also provided wine!

As if wine wasn't enough, we were encouraged to help ourselves to a great looking cocktail from the bar: pear nectar with kiwi juice and some kind of liquor (sorry, can't recall the name of it). I was a happy girl!

After drinks and appetizers, we went to a private loft area of the restaurant to hear a presentation about Saborea Puerto Rico and learn more about rum production. Both were educational, with an added bonus of listening to native Puerto Ricans: LOVE their accents.

And then there was more food: dorado en salsa de maiz tierno y sofrito (mahi-mahi with fresh corn sauce and sofrito with a potato chip). The fish was cooked to perfection, and I was a bit sad we did not get more chips!

The fish was followed by more wine and guinea al vino tinto y ron, pure de apio (guinea hen in a red wine and rum reduction served with celery root puree). This was the first time I've ever tried guinea. It was delicious, but just as in the case of chicken or turkey, I preferred the white meat.

And then we had two desserts: dulce de papapya con queso del pais (candied papaya with artisanla Puerto Rican cheese). The cheese was like a mild version of feta. I think it'd be amazing in a cucumber/tomato/olive salad. In this dessert it served as a good contrast to the sweetness of the candied papaya.

And last but not least, panacota de coco con mousse de chocolate y ron (coconut panacota with chocolate mousse & rum). Again, I've never tried panacota in my life! It's a combination of jello and custard, and I really enjoyed it. The chocolate mousse was even better.

What a satisfying and informative lunch! Thanks Lisa, Mio restaurant, Karla and Barbara!


pigpigscorner said...

oh wow..that pig...looks super crispy!

chow and chatter said...

looks great have fun in puerto rico

Esi said...

Everything sounds so delicious and what a great opportunity to learn some things before your trip. SO JEALOUS! I know you will have an amazing time.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen Puerto Rican food done with such elegance before. What a beautiful meal :)
I have been to puerto rico (on a day trip on cruise) and its a beautiful place. Lots of colour and sunshine. I am sure its a great place for your photography. Have a marvellous trip daaaaaaahling *kisses* HH

Simones Kitchen said...

O that looks soooo delicious Olga! And now you know more about your own rum production... :) But.. you had never had pannacotta before?? I love that dessert and it is so versatile and easy to make too! Lovely lunch!

Velva said...

What a great treat for lunch! Enjoy your trip to Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving, that will be awesome. You will have to share your food adventures when you return.

Dewi said...

Drooling over that piggy!

Erica said...

Have a nice trip!!! I would love to go to Puerto Rico....I love to dance salsa and eat arroz con gandules :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I have had any Puerto Rican specialties, the food looks fantastic!

Latin Flavors said...

That is so yummy! I'm salivating!