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I'm in Washingtonian and Washington Post

I wanted to share some very exciting news with you!

If you happen to follow me on twitter, are Jenn or Jenny (thanks for helping me edit my answers), my twin sister or a few of my close friends, you might already know this. But I tried not to blabber about this too much (I even did not tell my mom!).

Today I was featured in Washingtonian's The Blogger Beat. I had a great time working with Emily and Chris Leaman, and can't wait for all of you to check out my Q&A here. Below is a quick preview of the interview. Enjoy! (Special Thank you to Jenna for nominating me.)

Photograph by Chris Leaman

By Emily Leaman

Blogger Olga Berman braves the snow for a quick photo shoot. Photograph by Chris Leaman
Olga Berman launched her blog, Mango & Tomato, in May 2008 to document her adventures in the kitchen. She’d been posting on another site for nearly a year, but after discovering a burgeoning food-blog scene in Washington, she decided she wanted to join in.

She posts recipes, recaps of food events, restaurant reviews, and some drool-worthy photos of her kitchen successes. Berman also participates in cooking challenges and contests with other bloggers and documents her creations at Mango & Tomato.

Berman, a Bureau of Labor Statistics employee, grew up in Moscow and moved to Seattle when she was 13. After graduating from the University of Washington, she got a job at the Department of Labor and moved to the DC area. She has lived in Arlington for seven years.

We caught up with Berman to get her best recipes and tips for succeeding in the kitchen. And because she’s a frequent traveler, we found her favorite food destination. Read on for her answers.

AND if that wasn't enough, Washington Post included a photograph of my soup and a little write up in their Cooking for the Snowpocalypse feauture! I will be posting a recipe this Friday or weekend, so check in soon!

Pho-style Matzo Ball Soup. (Olga Berman -- Mango & Tomato)


Lisa Shapiro said...

Congrats, Olga! It is well-deserved! xo

The Hungry Mouse said...

Congrats! How exciting! :D Yay.

Happy holidays to you, honey pie!


Simones Kitchen said...

O what fun Olga! Congratulations and well deserved too... You're gonna be famous girl!
have a fabulous christmas!

Unknown said...

Wow, that is just so cool. I am really happy for you daaaaaahling (and jealous).
*kisses* HH

Sasha said...

That's amazing : D

Lauren said...

Congrats Olga! Thats so exciting =D.

Unknown said...

What a special holiday treat. Go, Go a Mango!! (I mean Olga).:D

Shelby said...

Congrats Olga! I'm so happy for you!

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

Congrats Olga! Hhappyyyy for you!



Sara said...

So cool! Love the video in your last post too, nice to put a voice to the face :)

Quinn said...

Nice press, lady!

Pretty Lovely said...

Congrats that is super exciting!


Jhonny walker said...

Olga! a great QA. I loved it..and you did mention Indian! how cool is that :)

Although I must say..reading your Q&A, I felt I did not even know that I was in royal are such a big time foodie. My I do feel honored :) and good to know that you do not cook from books. Makes me think that I am not total nut here :)

Lele said...

Congraaaaaaats! And yeah, that pho was too inspired to not find a wider audience :D

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! Huge congrats! So, when you post that matzo ball soup recipe - that's as fabulous makeover as can be :)

Lea Ann said...

ohmygosh Olga CONGRATS. What a nice holiday gift. That soup looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It was a lovely interview and picture - I'm so glad the Washingtonian chose you!