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DC Food Bloggers Happy Hour at Vinoteka

I can't believe it took me almost a month to post this. Here's a quick recap of a DC Food Bloggers Happy Hour at Vinoteca.{This also is a bit of cheating, since I have no recipes to post till at least tomorrow or possibly Monday!}

Vinoteca is located in U Street district of DC, and we completely took over the space!


There are two areas: a bar and then this cozy looking dining room. Unfortunately, if you want to order from the Happy Hour Menu, you have to stay in the bar area.

The menu consists of a generous selection of red and white wine by a glass for $5 (I had vinho verde) and six appetizers.

First, I had 2 sliders: lamb with feta and roasted red peppers AND pulled pork with pickled carrots and honey aioli. Loved both of them. This was definitely more inventive than ground beef with a piece of cheese.

I was still hungry and debated between ordering a second glass of wine or more food. Of course, food won. For the life of me I can't remember what I ordered, but here is a photo of ThriftyDCCook's royal trumpet mushroom crostini.

Alas, I'll be missing next month's DC Food Blogger Happy Hour. But if you love food, have a blog, and live in DC area, check it out!


Velva said...

A food blogger happy hour-that is such a great idea. I hope you met lots of new food bloggers.