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Move over oatmeal! It's quinoa's time to shine as breakfast food.

Sometimes I can't be bothered to plan for breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I never skip breakfast, but sometimes it's just an after thought. You see, I'm not a huge fan of cereal with milk, or oatmeal, or granola bars. In fact, I'd rather have something savory for breakfast such as bagels with cream cheese and lox, hummus or even chips and salsa.

Yesterday I took a day off work because whatever "bug" my body has been having for the last week hasn't entirely gone away. I opted for a day of couch sitting and TV watching. This, however, was also a great opportunity to make something that would last me a few days for breakfast.

In comes quinoa! Yes, move over oatmeal: it's quinoa's time to shine as breakfast food.

1 cup quinoa
2 cups water
4 tablespoons dry milk (** you can omit this ingredient and just use 2 cups of milk to begin with, or just use water)
zest and juice of 1/2 orange
1 Granny Smith apple, cored and cubed
1/3 cup dried cranberries

1. Rinse quinoa in a fine strainer. Add to a pot with water and dry milk. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 15 minutes or until the grain is cooked through.
2. Combine quinoa with the rest of the ingredients.

You can serve this dish hot or cold. Add a bit of sugar if you like your breakfast on a sweeter side. Try to experiment with different dried fruit!

What are you eating for breakfast these days?


Rhea said...

Yum! I'm still hesitant to make sweet quinoa dishes... thanks for the inspiration to try it! I recently discovered the combo of steel-cut oats and millet as hot cereal. Yummy!

Unknown said...

Well it certainly looks yummy, but it might be a bit to healthy for me. I'm a bagel and cream cheese girl.
*kisses* HH

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

I've write about quinoa long time ago and it's excellent for cakes, breakfast, desserts and more, it is healthy :)
I know that this breakfast taste superb!

Have a great week,


The Nervous Cook said...

Now that I've crossed over into the realm of the quinoa-lovers, I'm so ready to try it for breakfast!

Lauren said...

this looks so good with all the fruit! I never considered quinoa for breakfast!

Delicious Dishings said...

That looks so good. I still haven't made any quinoa dishes at home, but I just bought some this week for a lunch recipe. If I have extra, I'm going to have to make a version of this too.

I'm reviewing a raw food cookbook, so I had a really interesting breakfast this morning that I'll post about soon. :)

Esi said...

Yay! I love breakfast quinoa and it's so easy to mix it up in so many ways.

Leslie said...

My breakfast? A Slim Fast on the way out the door!
But I would much rather have this ...YUM

Anonymous said...

Quinoa sounds good for breakfast, I'm stuck with my usual cereal bars for everyday. Hope you feel better soon!

Alisa-Foodista said...

I'd trade my warm oatmeal bowl for this :) It looks delicious!

Jenna said...

This looks so lovely - I love using quinoa as a breakfast food. Love the photos too!

pigpigscorner said...

Looks delicious! This reminds me of the bag of leftovers I have left!

Mom on the Run said...

Quinoa is so good for breakfast. I often make my batch with currants, apples, and cinnamon. Tastes so good. I like that is sticks to my ribs.

tigerfish said...

I recently cooked quinoa as congee and it is very comforting.

LindaBeth said...

I do a similar breakfast with couscous and it's delicious!

couscous+some fresh fruit (I'm in NY so usually apple)+some dried fruit+some chopped nuts+drizzle of honey!

Kathy said...

Oh my! this is one healthy recipe for breakfast which I won't hesitate to try one of this days. I also love oatmeal but still want to try this one. I also love apples for breakfast, it's healthy.