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Nashville: Farmers Market

Hard to believe a week ago I was in Nashville for Fourth of July. God, the time goes by quickly. Before I share a few of my favorite meals from Nashville with you, here are some photos from Nashville's farmers market. The market is open 7 days a week! How cool is that? Alas, some of the indoor sections of the market were still closed due to the floods.

Let me just say that I could not believe how inexpensive fresh produce was. I was really tempted to pick up tomatoes and peaches and bring them back to DC with me. Alas, there was no refrigerator in my hotel. I had to be happy with taking photos and buying a peach and a container of cherry tomatoes to snack on.

There were so many peaches: ripe, sweet, perfectly fuzzy peaches. And I loved how everyone's produce was displayed in these uniform baskets.

$1.50 for a pound of peaches? That's a steal. If only I could buy some to make my blueberry and peach cake.

And this next photo just screams: buy me. A box of red tomatoes for only $10. So what if they don't look perfect? They smelled like tomatoes are supposed to smell and would be so great in salads, sauces, soups or just on a slice of white bread w/a bit of mayo, salt & pepper.

These little patty squashes reminded me of the ones my mom used to pickle when we lived in Russia.

Other than peaches and tomatoes, the other most common produce sold was eggplant. "Regular" eggplant, little Asian eggplant, round purple eggplant, and so on. Alas, some of my photos did not turn out. So you get just one.

And finally, yellow & green zucchini: two colors in one.

Do you miss ability to cook while on vacation? How do you solve this issue?


Lisa Shapiro said...

Nice Photos. I never miss cooking while on vacation. That's why it's vacation. I guess it's different when you have kids. We always have to have a kitchenette in our hotel when we go away from home. We need at least a microwave and frig. I'm glad you had a nice trip.

Delicious Dishings said...

I cook so much at home that sometimes it's nice to not cook on vacation.

These pictures are beautiful! I hope you'll join my farmers' market roundup!

Simones Kitchen said...

Great shots Olga. I don't mind not being able to cook when on holiday. It's nice not to have to for a while, although I am always glad I can go back to cooking once I am home! (plus I will be going on a cooking holiday in two weeks time..!!)

BlueToYou said...

beautiful photos! what fabulous looking veggies!

Irina said...

Your question about whether or not people miss cooking on vacation reminded me that it's been a LONG time since I've taken a vacation anywhere that's not my own home, my parents' home, or the homes of out-of-town relatives. I love cooking with my mom when I'm in LA, and when I'm visiting friends and family in NYC, I tend to eat out most of the time, except for breakfasts and late-night tea with my aunt, with whom I usually stay.

Next year, my husband and I will likely go to Russia to visit his family, and I'd love to cook some American food for them, as well as some international dishes that are popular in the US (e.g. lasagna, pad thai, fried rice, quiche). My husband's parents have been to the US to visit us, but when his mom was here, she insisted on doing most of the cooking, and with his dad, I think we ended up going out a lot or buying ready-to-eat food to save time.

Jhonny walker said...

Look at the colors and images...I adore farmer's market...such such great taste. I always get more than I want to :)

Anonymous said...

Those peaches look so pretty. I love going to markets, with all the pretty displays and colours. Its a great opportunity to take out the camera :)
*kisses* HH