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Nashville: Fido's

You know what the problem with mini vacations is? Well, there are actually multiple: 1) not enough time to spend with the people you are visiting 2) not enough meals to try out all of the restaurants on your list 3) vacation withdrawals once you get back to reality of your normal life. Still, I love mini vacations, and Nashville was really great: fun company, great food, time off from anything Internet related, and great 4th of July fireworks.

One of my favorite places was Fido's. Right, I don't like animals, but this was a very funky, quirky, and pretty-to-look-at restaurant/coffee place. Alas, I can't remember who to thank for this recommendation.

Monday before dropping me off at the airport and after a great lunch at Jack's BBQ, Kenny and I went back to Hillsboro Village neighborhood and checked out Fido's for a coffee/dessert break.

Check out the cute bathroom signs! And of course I loved that this restaurant is on Twitter!

This is definitely not your typical Starbucks. Colorful and fun decor, original artwork on the walls: this vibe reminded me of many of the places I visited in Savannah.

But let's get to the food. I ordered iced coffee and chose Pink Radio Cake to share. After all, I'm Russian: I ♥ buttermilk and beets! And look at the different hues of pink in the cake.

Doesn't the cake look gorgeous?

But looks aren't everything: what about the taste? Take a look at the photograph below: we clearly loved it. The cake was moist and dense, but not too heavy. The frosting and icing weren't overly sweet and definitely did not scream "beets."

If you, or anyone you know, are planning a trip to Nashville, TN, definitely check out this place. The plates of sandwiches and salads that I saw looked fresh and appetizing too!

I think it's a great idea when you travel to check out local restaurants instead of sticking to national chains. Just my two cents ;)


Unknown said...

That pink radio cake is just so pretty :) I want some
*kisses* HH

Sarah said...

Love your sense of colour!

Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) said...

I love patronizing local establishments when we travel. That cake looks so pretty! Will definitely stop there if I'm ever in Nash!


Megan H Carroll said...

fun fun... love the pink cake.

Kenny J Almodovar said...

This was actually one of my favorite stops that weekend. The pictures turned out great.. make me crave the cake.

crankycheryl said...

Great pictures! And now I want to save some of our CSA beets to make a buttermilk layer cake.