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Dinner at BGR the Burger Joint

I don't think I'd ever be able to become a vegetarian: I love meat too much. Sometimes I crave meat. Sometimes I go on dates where a guy orders a salad, and I order a steak and watch the poor waiter place the salad plate in front of me: wrong!

It seems like DC is overwhelmed by burger places, but somehow I haven't managed to dine at many of them yet. One in particular that I've been meaning to try is BGR: The Burger Joint with several locations in DC area.

Well, last week I was in luck: I went to dinner at BGR with Cindy and her family. They raved about the burgers, and I was looking forward to seeing if I'd agree. We went to the Arlington location. Around 8:30 pm the restaurant was somewhat busy, but the atmosphere wasn't too hectic that you felt overwhelmed. I loved the funky light fixtures and the album covers on the walls.

I was also really hungry! The unfortunate thing I noticed about BGR right away is that they don't have meal deals (unless you are eating there at lunchtime). You have to order everything separately. Fine, I was game for that :)

I like my burgers with stuff on them. In other words, lettuce, tomato and pickles just would not do. And so I ordered The Southwestern: A fan favorite during the 2008 election cycle. A 9oz burger infused with southwestern influences, like chipotles, poblanos, onion and chilis. Topped with pepper jack and served atop our black bean salsa. Served on a fresh, buttery-toasted brioche bun with our mojo sauce.

I also decided to get an order of sweet potato fries.

Cindy and her family were absolutely right: this was one amazing burger. Perhaps I should have taken a few more photos, but I could not wait to bite into it! The beef was medium rare, the bun was fresh and toasted, and I liked the idea of black bean and mango salsa. I just wish the mango was ripe!

The sweet potato fries weren't greasy. They were crispy and seemed to magically disappear right in front of my eyes.

I can't wait to come back to BGR and try some of their other selections!

Have you been to BGR? What's your favorite burger there?


Unknown said...

I've only eaten there once so saying that the Greek Sandwish was my favourite might be misleading... but I thought it was very good (and I believe it beat Bobby Flay's creation on throwdown too...)

Anonymous said...

I've only been once. Thought the fries were awful and the burger was decent, but not something I seek out... The onion rings were huge and delicious though!

Delicious Dishings said...

Ha ha. I am the steak girl too. And I always order mine rare. I want to taste the meat!

Looks like an amazing burger, and I do love sweet potato fries.

Sylvie said...

Love BGR. I've been to Rays Hell Burger and Good Stuff and BGR beat them both out. The burger was tasty and manageable. The bun didn't fall apart.

I ordered the asperagus fries which were a tasty side that didn't make me feel to guilty. I got to try the sweet potato fries and the onion rings and they both were great. I'm definitely going back.

AZ said...

mmmmm. Looks good. Guess who it is? Well I'm reading your blog so you can't say I don't. The burger joint is delicious.(:

Anonymous said...

Great burger and pix. Thanks. I must ask, tho... were the fries Sweet Potatoes - or Yams? Few kitchens seem to know the difference.

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

Dear Anonymous #2,
The menu said sweet potato fries. I know there is a difference between yams and sweet potatoes: here's an article I wrote about:

Anonymous said...

I have yet to go to BGR despite the rave reviews. After reading your post, I'm so there -- soon! And, I'm all for non-greasy sweet potato fries! xoxo

Cindy said...

Haha "magically disappear"?? No, that was my son, stealing them off your plate!! :)