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POM Harvest: the world of POM Wonderful

Remember I wrote about visiting POM orchards in Fresno, CA? This is part 2 of the trip.

On the first day of my weekend in Fresno, we got to visit the bottling plant. Due to some clothing issues (turns out you can't wear high heels and shorts to a bottling plant, who knew!? (sarcasm!)), some of the food bloggers had to head back to the hotel and change. The rest of us sat around the table and enjoyed POM products: pistachios, juices and teas. This was also the first time I learned that the pretty gems inside of a pomegranate are called arils and are sold in little containers: my god! You no longer even need to buy an entire pomegranate and clean it yourself. I was impressed.

Once everyone was properly clothed, we set out on the tour. Since only the best pomegranates are sold as fruit in stores, the rest of the pomegranates are cleaned and used for juices and teas. The bottling plant smelled divine with the fragrance of sweet pomegranates.

Here you see the damaged pomegranates heading to the bottling plant for processing.

We got a chance to see how POM bottles are made. I found the process fascinating. The bottles start up with a simple cylindrical shape, then get heated in a special machine as the air blows inside and they are shaped into the POM famous "bubble" bottle.

Check out the different shapes and sizes!

I really liked the process by which POM bottles get labeled: they go through several machines and get stamped with different stamps and colors:


We also got to see bottles of tea being filled and packed.

I was just happy snapping photos, while Rachael was being very studious and taking notes.

After the tour we got another lesson in how to cut a pomegranate and that the fruit's appearance on the outside doesnt' necessarily reflect the quality of the fruit on the inside...sounds vaguely familiar in regard to people!

I just ♥ this photograph!

On the way back to the hotel, we saw a vineyard and decided to stop by and snap some photos: that's what we food bloggers do! I also stole a taste of one grape: it was so sweet and juicy and seedless, to my surprise.

On the right are Paula and Rachael. I'm crossing my fingers I can join them and become a food ninja. Want to help me? Then please vote for me in the first category: I'm #15.


Veggie Belly said...

sounds like so much fun! how nice that you got a behind the scenes look! LOVE those bottles!

Delicious Dishings said...

Did they say where they sell the little containers of arils? I would definitely buy them if I could find them.

Unknown said...

They sell them at Costo's or BJ's.

Leslie said...

Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

wow, the internet must be really important to whoever posted above me. yikes.

*pomegranate photo is excellent.*

Paula - bell'alimento said...

You ARE such a food ninja ; ) Mwah!

Simones Kitchen said...

high heels?? Seriously? lol
I love your account of the visit to the Pom plant! I am happy to say that I can actually buy Pom now here in the supermarket and while I haven't tried it yet, I will for sure get myself a bottle and see what the fuss it all about! :)

Leslie Green said...

What a fun trip!!!!