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Boston: Lunch at Stephanie's on Newbury

The last few weeks have been hectic, and I can't wait to finalize a few things and head out to Seattle for Thanksgiving, my dad's big birthday and Hanukkah latkes! In the mean time, not having a recipe to post today, I wanted to share a fun lunch I had in Boston during my Columbus Day weekend mini vacation.

Elyssa from State Dinner recommended I check out Stephanie's on Newbury for some great people watching and good food. She did not steer me wrong!

One of the benefits of traveling solo is that you are on your own schedule. It's also much easier to snag a table for one instead of a table for four. Of course it's sometimes lonely to dine by yourself, but that's where Stephanie's on Newbury was a great place: I sat outside, enjoyed the sunshine, and checked out many different fashion trends Bostonians and tourists wore as they passed the restaurant.

I ordered a short rib sandwich with sweet potato fries. Look at the meat! Let's just say I ate the sandwich with a fork. The meat was tender and juicy and filled with flavor. The sweet potato fries were thin and crispy and benefited from a sprinkle of salt. The coleslaw, however, had zero flavor. That was fine with me: there was plenty of good food on the plate.

If you are ever in Boston and need a break from shopping on Newbruy street, head out to Stephanie's for lunch.


Amanda Makulec said...

I <3 Steph's restaurants - she has incredible coffee ice cream profiteroles that you must try if you go back!