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How to make salmon cream cheese at home: easy!

Sometimes I come up with little ideas that pack a lot of flavor. Last week I bought a pack of cream cheese and a small container of smoked salmon to bring to work for breakfast. But during one of the commercial breaks for one of the many Bravo shows I watch, I decided to simplify my life and make salmon cream cheese so that I'd just have to bring one thing to work instead of multiple containers.

Making salmon (or other flavored) cream cheese at home is incredibly easy. The amounts of each ingredient are just suggestions. You can add less or more as you like.

Salmon Cream Cheese

8 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
1/4 cup smoked salmon
1-2 tablespoons capers
2 tablespoons roughly chopped parsley (it'd be even better to use dill, but I did not have it at the time)
2 teaspoons lemon juice
freshly ground black pepper

Combine all ingredients in a food processor.

Yes, that's all you have to do! See, I told you it'd be easy. In fact, I wasn't even planning on blogging about this "recipe" because of how simple it is, but when I tweeted about it, some of my followers wanted more details: I aim to please.

Spread the salmon cream cheese on bagels or toast and eat as is or top with sliced tomatoes and avocados. If you are someone who loves all things salty, add a few whole capers on top.

Have you made a flavored cream cheese at home? What was your flavor combination?


Anonymous said...

This is something I would sooooo love to eat. I can just imagine it now on top of a toasted bagel. YUM!
*kisses* HH

Meghan@travelwinedine said...

I love smoked salmon and cream cheese, great combo! I like to add homemade pesto to cream cheese and put it on everything!

Simones Kitchen said...

Ah what is not to love! Great idea too to make this very simple and yet delicious spread!!

Chef Fresco said...

That is some delicious looking 'homemade' cream cheese! We definitely will have to try this.

Alicia said...

MMM - I looove smoked salmon.
I've made garlic and herb, and chive cream cheese before. Usually I'll just toss in whatever herbs I have kickin around.

Il Duche said...

So simple, yet so wonderful. I adore capers and will be making this tomorrow on cocktail bread. Thanks for sharing this delicious goodness!

Maggie said...

Absolutely divine! (And blog-worthy... as you saw!!)

BlueToYou said...

you do realize this dish was MADE for me. what a clever post idea as well! :-) MMMM SALMON CREAM CHEESE!!!