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What to do with persimmons? Persimmon, avocado & pistachio salad

I grew up eating persimmons. I absolutely love these brightly colored orange fruit. From afar they look like orange tomatoes or miniature pumpkins. Don't be scared: pick them up next time you see them at your grocery store. But don't wait too long: they are typically only available during the winter months.

There are several shapes and varieties of persimmon. What matters most is that they are ripe: if they aren't, they'll be off putting. How can you tell if persimmons are ripe? They will be brightly colored and somewhat soft. But make sure that their skin is free of black blemishes.

So you've ventured out and bought a few persimmons. What to do now? I like eating them as is, although in the past I've baked persimmon muffins. On Sunday I was doing my regular grocery shopping and noticed that persimmons were on sale (1 for $0.99); so were avocados and POM Wonderful pistachios. All of a sudden I had an idea: why not combine all these ingredients in a salad? {I've also had avocados and pistachios on my mind after a great meal at Cork Wine & Bar featuring avocado, pistachios, toasted pistachio oil and sea salt on grilled bread.}  

I also wanted to add some Cara Cara oranges, but my store was out of them.

Persimmon, avocado & pistachio salad

Ingredients (I trust you can decide on the amount of each yourself)
persimmon, sliced
avocado, sliced
red onion, thinly sliced
salad greens
olive oil
shelled pistachios

1. Drizzle salad greens with olive oil and season with salt.
2. Arrange all the other ingredients on top of the salad greens. {You can also just mix the entire salad together.}

I happen to think the combination of green and orange colors is absolutely gorgeous. More importantly, the flavors mixed really well together. So did the textures: you have your creamy avocado and crunchy pistachios; bright and dense sweet persimmons and light salad greens. What's not to like?

I realize this is not your typical lettuce, tomato and crouton salad, but why not try something different?

What unusual fruit and nuts do you like to add to your salad?


SaraOneTribeGourmet said...

Olga, I'm loving this salad! Persimoms are such a Sweet-a-licious fruit! lovely pics too!

sally said...

What a great combination of ingredients in this salad. The presentation is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Very unique combination here with persimmons and avocados, and pistachio addition is a nice touch too!

Anonymous said...

I so much love persimmons, I really do like this unsusual combo of great real flavours like avocado, persimmon & pistachio nuts!!

Must give a true flavour sensation in the mouth!

Lauren (PB&G) said...

I love this! I bought persimmons back in December and made cookies out of them. I wasn't impressed with the cookies but loved the flavor of the raw persimmon. This idea is genius!

Simones Kitchen said...

That looks delicious Olga. I love persimmons so much that I tend to eat them straight away rather then doing anything with them, but you're right; they would be perfect in a salad!

The Duo Dishes said...

After having a great pistachio butter crostini, they've been at top of mind for new ways to use them. Great salad here!

Cara said...

Well, I've never had a persimmon, and you've convinced me they're worth a try! This salad looks gorgeous.

Sue @ JustforLicks said...

Not only does that look beautiful but I am sure it tastes delicious. I really love your combination of ingredients. Bookmarked!

1000+1 said...

SO colorful! I used to eat persimmons back in Russia, they were imported from Azerbaijan and were delicous! (Хурма :) i love the way it "binds" my tongue :)
Now, I can't seem to find ones that taste good, they all taste plastic. :(
your salad sounds and looks so yummm! and yes, who needs bland croutons when you have pistachios!!!

Lael Hazan @educatedpalate said...

Love the colors and the combination of textures. Inventive!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

So pretty! I actually had my first persimmon this year if you can believe that! Beautiful salad!

Paige said...

Beautiful salad! I love the colors

Michelle at Hey Love Designs said...

Yum! I'll have to give this a try. I love persimmon, pistachios AND avocados, so I can't go wrong with this :)