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Lunch at Cava Mezze in DC

This past Saturday I happened to be at Eastern Market neighborhood with Russell and Dave (aka @DCBrit and @MrsDCBrit). We were there to visit Pound Coffee, but unfortunately there was no food (I might write more on that later). We needed food! After walking around for a bit, we decided to get lunch at Cava.

The restaurant is decorated with dark wood, family photographs and pretty silverware. Yes, all those things matter to me because they make me feel welcomed. It was a cozy place that didn't feel over the top.

As we sat deciding what to order, we received a plate with olives, olive oil and harissa with pita.

Dave ordered grilled haloumi as an appetizer and shared with the table. I really liked the charred marks on this hard and salty cheese. It was served with a bit of mint and lemon.

Russel ordered a gryo sandwich and we all oohed and aahed at the cute frying basket that came along with all of our food and held the fries.

I decided to go with lamb sliders: I love lamb! These were so good. First, the bun was fresh and toasted. Second, the lamb was tender and full of flavor, and the fries were crispy: and omg there were so many of them! {I took half of my meal home and had it next day: if you want to reheat the fries, use your cast iron skillet!}

Dave ordered regular sliders...but chose to remove lettuce and tomatoes...I'm not sure if we can be friends ;)

So if you are looking for a casual lunch or dinner place with good food and atmosphere, definitely head out to Cava in Eastern Market!

Thanks to the boys for such a fun triple date!


Unknown said...

I've never been but this little report makes me want to check it out ;-)

The Purple Carrot said...

You've got me craving gyros, and hummus, and pitas! ha. It looks delicious!

Simones Kitchen said...

Hmm, by the looks of the food I can see why you would have had a good time there!

Make It Naked said...

Going for dinner this weekend! Yeah!

Unknown said...

I'm with you, I love lamb! The food here looks awesome :), and I love the little basket the fries come in. REcently hubbs and i ate at a hotel and they used that same basket, we thought it was so cute.
*kisses* HH

Cindy said...

Yum, love haloumi. My niece's Cypriot husband introduced me to it. I wish I could find it in a market somewhere.

K said...

I love Cava, there's one by my work, so good!

nicole said...

wow, this is such different food than what we had at Cava Mezze in Bethesda! There is a Cava opening in Clarendon very soon, I will have to try it out.