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Food52's beet greens with sour cream dressing

Last Thursday I went to the Penn Quarter farmers' market and strolled around while catching up with my friends Melissa and Daphne, and trying to figure out what I should buy.

Sometimes I can be oh so very indecisive!

At the end, I picked up a big bunch of basil, a bag of arugula and a bunch of Swiss chard.

I did not really have any specific ideas in mind for what to do with any of my purchases.

I ended up making salads with arugula and basil with tomatoes, chickpeas, peppers and cucumbers. The basil also went into sandwiches and soups.

The Swiss Chard, however, just hung out in my refrigerator. That is until I saw a recipe link on Twitter (have I mentioned lately how much I Twitter?) to food52's Warm Beet Greens with Sour Cream Dressing.

What does this have to do with Swiss Chard? Don't worry, there is a connection. Over the weekend I bought a bunch of beets to make one of my favorite cold beet soups. I thought why not combine beet greens and Swiss chard to make the recipe? And so I did.

How gorgeous  are these greens?

Unlike food52, I decided to chop my beet greens and Swiss chard (and also use the stems of both).

First thing first, you need to make a dressing. It includes sour cream, a bit of sugar, salt and pepper and cider vinegar. I must admit I was a bit dubious about the addition of cider vinegar, but I had nothing to worry about. The dressing was creamy, tangy and a bit sweet. Do not use low fat sour cream! Just don't :)

And for the beet greens, you simply steam them in a skillet with a bit of water. No salt, or pepper or oil. Simple and healthy! I think next time I'd add a bit of hot pepper flakes.

Serve the greens in a plate or a bowl and top them with the sour cream dressing.

I absolutely loved this combination. I loved it so much, I ate it straight out of the refrigerator for a late night snack and again this morning for breakfast. Have you ever cooked with beet greens or Swiss chard? Share your ideas!


Velva said...

What an amazing way to enjoy swiss chard and beet greens! Awesome.


Maris(In Good Taste) said...

Very creative! Your photos are so lovely!

Meister @ The Nervous Cook said...

Swiss chard! I have to add that to the growing list of produce items that I love that are green + purple (asparagus, artichokes, Thai basil…).

This looks beautiful.

chutneyandspice said...

what delicious, healthy looking food. I love your bright tableware and the way you have made it really stand out with the white backdrop, it makes it all look so fresh and colourful. Wish I could tuck in to this right now.

Melissa Jones said...

(a) photos are gorgeous (b) you know I LURV my greens, but I actually have never tried a sour cream dressing before. Novel. I like it. (c) why people would ever throw away beet greens is beyond me! They are delicious. Nicely done, as per usual. (d) I think you are usually quite decisive. You always know what you DON'T want at the FM. :)

Denise Thaller said...

Making this tonight!!! Beets are roasting in the oven and I was just wondering what to do the greens. Searched on pinterest and found your blog. Thanks for the great idea. I've got raw yogurt and kefir to use up, may try that for the dressing.

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

Hi, Denise! So glad you found my recipe: hope it lived up to your expectations ;)