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Eating out in Asheville, NC: Breakfast at Early Girl Eatery

Welcome to the 2nd post from my Asheville weekend getaway. If you haven't yet read about my brunch at Curate, you are missing out on learning about egg 63 and one of the best mimosas I've ever had.

This past Monday I had till 3 pm to hang out in Asheville before going to the airport for my flight back to DC. Sunday night I ordered Indian food and spent the night in bed watching all my regular TV shows. It was relaxing and quite luxurious. I did not finish eating dinner before already starting to think about the food adventures the next day would bring. Should I sleep in and just have lunch? Or should I wake up early and have enough time for breakfast and lunch?

Yes, I have issues.

In the end, I ended up waking up early enough without having to set an alarm clock, and having plenty of time to pack and head out to breakfast. Where to go? Early Girl Eatery. It was another recommendation I took from Eat Write Retreat: I would not be able to go to the blogging conference in November, but it did not stop me from eating out at their chosen restaurants.

I had to wait about 20 minutes, but I did not mind: there were plenty of little shops around, so I walked around, browsed, and then came back for breakfast. The restaurant is bright, filled with local art (paintings and ceramics) and almost made me feel like I was visiting a friend's house.

I decided to order Early Girl Benny (minus the ham: I've had plenty of meat during the weekend).

While waiting for breakfast, I read my book, sipped on coffee and looked around. I also asked why this place is called Early Girl Eatery: turns out the owner s tomatoes! Early Girl is an heirloom tomato: could it be more fitting?

And then it arrived! The grit cakes were crispy despite having the poached eggs, spinach and tomato gravy on them. The avocado was creamy and perfectly ripe. {By the way, the tomato gravy is basically fresh tomatoes, some flour, herbs and I think a bit of butter.}

Oh, and there was a biscuit with butter and home-made raspberry jam. I was one happy girl!!

I'm so glad I checked out this place. Just one more lovely experience during a three day weekend. Stay tuned for a few more posts from Asheville, including a recipe for Tomato Jam.


Melanie said...

What an interesting name for a restaurant :) Looks like a great place to eat!

Belinda @zomppa said...

I need to head there!

sally said...

What a great little restaurant! Your meal is making me hungry!

Anonymous said...

Both of your Asheville posts are making my mouth water. Sounds like you had a delicious time there. Were you there on business?

P.S: I recently ate my first poached egg and now I'm addicted.