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Green Goddess Sandwich

Have you ever had Green Goddess salad dressing? It's usually made from herbs (such as basil, parsley, and/or tarragon), mayonnaise or sour cream, lemon juice, vinegar, anchovy fillets and green onions and/or chives.

What I like most about the Green Goddess dressing, is its bright green color. That's why when I concocted the sandwich to the left, I decided to call it Green Goddess Sandwich. After all, it has several hues of green, and it's fit for a goddess ;)

This past Sunday I had to wake up early and was pretty hungry. I'm no longer eating eggs whenever I want, so I had to think of another quick breakfast idea.

That's when I remembered that I had some ingredients left from a salad I made the previous night: avocado, cucumbers and s of Palm.

Together with watercress, cilantro and whole wheat bread, creamy avocado, crunchy cucumbers and marinated hearts of Palm made for a beautiful, delicious and nutritious breakfast.

Green Goddess Sandwich

Ingredients for 1 sandwich
2 slices of whole wheat bread, toasted
small avocado, sliced
1 small Persian cucumber, sliced
2 Hearts of Palm, sliced lengthwise
6 watercress leaves
10 cilantro leaves
salt & pepper
{clearly, these are just approximations}

1. Assemble the sandwich, slice in half diagonally.

Surprisingly, the sandwich held up pretty well and did not fall apart after the first bit. I think a few slices of tomatoes would have been a great addition...but then that's what I typically think.

For another green sandwich, check out my Avocado, Pistachio & Arugula sandwich.


Krissy @ Make it Naked said...

This looks amazing! Totally trying it as soon as I get some heart of palm. Love!

Lo said...

Gosh, this looks fresh and amazing. Love the architectural bones of this sandwich, and I'll bet it was delicious too!

Unknown said...

Completely lovely, I can imagine the fresh tastes and the fantastic range of textures. Beautiful sandwich.
*kisses* HH

Esi said...

Love green goddess dressing. Just wish avocados didn't make me so violently ill so I could enjoy your sandwich.

Christin said...

I love to make sandwiches with avocado, but I never thought to put hearts of palm on a sandwich. What a great idea!

Erin said...

Love the color. Cucumber and avocado are such great flavors!

connmiel said...

I've never been greener with envy (hehe) :P

Looks scrumptious, and definitely up my alley as a vegetarian!


sally said...

This sandwich does look fit for a goddess! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel @ Not Rachael Ray said...

Loving this! Gorgeous, and includes some of my favorite things.

Meister @ The Nervous Cook said...

What a strange and strangely brilliant monochromatic sandwich! I will definitely have to try this one: It's straight up my alley.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is pretty innovative!
I've never had hearts of palm before...

Lauren said...

I'll take one of these right now!