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Brunch at District Commons in DC

I love brunch. You get to sleep in, dress up a bit, and meet your friends for good food and sparkly drinks: what's not to like?

Last Sunday, I met my friends Melissa, Nikki and Jenna at District Commons for brunch.

Although Melissa and Jenna have had brunch there before, it was Nikki's and my first time.

After a night of salsa dancing, I was hungry and hurriedly looked at the brunch menu while catching up with the girls.

Right away I knew I'd have to try one of their Blood Orange Mimosas. After all, with a purchase of an entree, they are only a dollar each: you can't beat that.

Then it was time to make the food selections. The menu includes flat breads, salads, omelets, and more substantial dishes like shrimp and grits.

While I don't like ordering the same dish as my dining companions, I just had to get J&B Breakfast Hash Braised Beef Short Ribs with Yukon Potatoes and Sunny Side Up Eggs. Nikki and Jenna made that choice first :)

While we waited for the food, we sipped on coffee (pictured below is Jenna's cappuccino served with a mini Snickers: so cute!) and dug into Pretzel Bread.

The bread was hot out of the oven and was served with soft butter. It definitely alleviated my hunger. The mimosas were gorgeous and sweet, but I'm not sure how much champagne they had. You see, I usually start feeling the effect of champagne after one mimosa, but after drinking two, I felt like I was mostly consuming juice.

Since I haven't had brunch in a while, I decided to go all out and also order a half-dozen oysters. They were divine.

Melissa ordered an Arugula Salad with Pimento Cheese Fritters and Green Tomato Vinaigrette as her starter. She was kind enough to let us try the pimento cheese fritters: oh my, they melted in our mouths. I think District Commons should sell them by the basket!

Then it was finally time for our main courses! Melissa chose a Lox Flat Bread. It was enough for a crowd! Alas, I was too happy with my own entree and too full to try it.

And here is J&B Breakfast Hash Braised Beef Short Ribs with Yukon Potatoes and Sunny Side Up Eggs. I was so happy to bite into one of the potato cubes and find that it was perfectly cooked through! The egg yolks oozed out as soon as I broke them with a fork, and the beef short ribs tasted like they had been cooking for hours: tender and juicy.

We were really happy with our food and had no room for dessert, but the management sent us a mixed dessert plate. Guess we've been excitedly tweeting about our visit to the District Commons and they took a note of that: a very generous touch.

Overall thoughts: gorgeous space, a solid variety of menu choices, somewhat a slow start to placing our orders and receiving food, but the food itself was satisfying; I'll definitely be back!


beti said...

everything looks delicious! specially the desserts, it seems like you had a great time

MJ said...

The food was lovely, but the best part was the company, of course!

DeliciousDish said...

I wish this place was near me. I would love your breakfast and that lox flatbread, not to mention the blood orange mimosa and oysters.