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Celebrating Food: Avocado Soup with Patricia Jinich

Happy Friday! I'm not celebrating St Patrick's Day, but if you are, have a great time!!!

In case you came here looking for something green, I would hate to disappoint you, so here is a lovely avocado soup I learned from Patricia Jinich during Celebrating Food event organized by Les Dames d'Escoffier.

You can make a zillion different variations of this soup, but the basic ingredients are white onions, jalapenos, cilantro, oil, chicken stock, lemon juice, queso fresco, fried tortilla chips, and, of course, avocados!

Here's what you do:

1) In a bit of oil and butter, sweat chopped white onions on very low heat. {Variation: use red onions.}

2. Add cilantro to the onions and allow to cook for a minute. {Variation: use parsley or any other green herb you like.}

3. Cut ripe avocadoes in half and remove the pit. {Variation: there are none...this is AVOCADO soup.}

4. In a food processor, puree onions, cilantro, avocado, chopped jalapeno, lemon juice, and salt & pepper with hot chicken broth.

5. Ladle soup into bowls and garnish with queso fresco, fried tortillas, and cilantro.

Variations: use Tajin spice to add a lovely citrus heat to this soup. The flavor is hard to describe, but is incredible.

More variations:
  • serve the soup chilled instead of hot
  • top the soup with chopped avocado and tomatoes
  • use feta instead of queso fresco
  • add charred corn
  • top the soup with grilled shrimp or chicken
I intend to make this soup at home very soon and take better photographs!

Have a lovely weekend!


Bianca Garcia said...

I love avocados and this soup is making me wish I had a bowl of it right now!

Lara Zelman said...

I wish I had this now! I think this might be dinner tomorrow night. Beautiful photos :)

Reem | Simply Reem said...

I am on avocado high these days...
So trying this soup soon....

Cecilia said...

Love Love Love that your St. Paddy's Day post is naturally green, and not Irish related. This soup was delicious, I will definitely be making it in the future too. It would be great chilled during the hot summer months.

Ben said...

Variation, there's none, this is AVOCADO soup, I love it! And I love the soup too. Avocado is just one of the most amazing ingredients out there.

Guest said...

Your recipes really should come with a printable format in the many recipes that i dont try because have no way to save them other than bookmarks which well frankly just doesnt work.

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

I appreciate your comment. Unfortunately, it was too time consuming for me to have a "print this" functionality. If you do like any of my recipes, I suggest copy/paste/delete photos and then print what's left. Hope this helps.

Megan said...

I don't think I have ever had an avocado soup. Seriously intrigued.

Irina said...

Sounds and looks very yummy! I might try a chilled version when the weather gets warmer. I made a similar pureed avocado soup a while ago, and the taste of the soup while hot/warm was just too overwhelming for me - it tasted greasy, like there was a ton of bacon in it, even though the only fat in the soup was the avocado (and perhaps a small amount of oil from sauteeing the onions). It didn't occur to me to see if chilling the soup would help reduce the greasy flavor, but now I strongly suspect that it probably would have helped. I do love cold or room temp avocados - can easily polish off a big one in one sitting, with a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon!

Rachael (Fuji Mama) said...


Lori Lynn said...

The soup sounds fabulous. I need to find Tajin sauce too.