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Where to Have a Power Lunch in DC? Proof!

What do you think of when you hear the words power lunch?

I picture business men sitting at a table discussing the latest greatest deals, or diplomats speaking in languages ranging from Hebrew to Farsi, or members of Congress eating sandwiches while discussing all things DC.

But power lunch can also be an occasion for two friends with uber busy schedules to get together and catch up on what's been happening in the last few months.

That's precisely what happened earlier this week when my friend Sylvie and I got together for lunch at Proof.

The first time I went to Proof was several years ago, and it happened to be one of my best second dates ever! There was wine, flirting, more wine, the promise of a great romance, and he took my hand.

It lasted a month, but I still have some great memories.

Back to lunch ;)

Proof has a great lunch special:

LUNCH CRUSH SPECIAL: $12 For a selection from 5 entrees, plus a glass of wine or beverage of your choice at our BAR and LOUNGE.  

Before we decided on the entrees, Sylvie twisted my arm {just kidding!} into ordering
a charcuterie platter. Although we weren't told exactly what we were eating, looking at the menu on line, it could have been a combination of Prosciutto San Daniele, Jamon Serrano, Coppa, Rosette de Lyon, Cacciatore, Hose Made Pate Campagne, and toasted bread. The entire board was $22.

And it was delicious. In fact, I took the leftovers back with me and ate them the next day as a late afternoon snack.

For my actual meal, I ordered Proof Shrimp Burger with jalapeno, shaved cucumber, cilantro, and pickled daikon & carrots. The burger was incredibly juicy, and the combination of the mild shrimp with the pickled vegetables was perfect. I almost did not miss having fries with it ;)

Sylvie ordered a Tuna Nicoise Salad with baby arugula, French beans, radish, olives and a hard boiled egg. I also noticed some white anchovies on top.

The service was great. The food was delicious. I loved catching up with Sylvie and getting out of my cubicle for a mid-day break. The only suggestion I have for Proof is to have an option to order a mocktail...but that might be too much to ask for $12.

Where's your favorite place for a power lunch?

I'm on my way to Seattle to visit my family and friends for a week, but I'll stay in touch. You do the same!


Megan said...

I would have ordered that crispy duck confit. We don't have many lunch places to choose from around but luckily there is a really good sandwich place nearby and they make this pressed sandwich with eggplant, mozz, and a carrot-olive mixture. Have a fun trip!

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

That sounds SOOOO delicious! I was contemplating duck confit, but it was too hot for it: wanted something lighter. I’d think you’d have great lunch options in the test kitchen ;)

Belinda said...

Looks like a place I need to power lunch at!