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Persimmon Praline Pistachio Parfait: An Incredibly Easy Dessert (or Breakfast)

This past weekend was a three day weekend filled with good friends, beautiful weather and fun food adventures. What I did not manage to do, however, was to do grocery shopping and cook a few dishes for myself and to showcase on this blog. So Monday morning (day off!) I decided to create a two recipes from the ingredients I already had. Thus, here's a Persimmon Praline Pistachio Parfait. Don't you love all the Ps in the title? {These are the persimmons I found on a side of a road.}

{I will be posting my second creation, Lamb & Broccoli Strata, soon.}

If you wonder whether I always have praline pistachios on hand, the answer is no. They were a gift from Cecilia who brought them from Europe. If you don't have praline pistachios, you can use regular pistachios or just cook the nuts with a bit of sugar and water in a skillet. Of course you can also use any other nuts you have/like.

Greek yogurt, whisked with a fork
persimmons, peeled, chopped
praline pistachios, chopped

1. In a glass arrange persimmons, yogurt, pistachios, yogurt, persimmons, yogurt, pistachios.
2. Eat. 

Clearly, I loved this easy dessert, which I actually ate for breakfast.

Note: I bought an adorable set of forks, spoons and a knife from Salt & Sundry this weekend. The spoon above is just one of them.You'll be seeing more of these pretty silver plated utensils!

What's your go to dessert that can also be served as breakfast?


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Mary Cunningham said...

Love those vintage utensils. And love that you are now officially and urban forager.