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Spoon Me! I'm Talking About Decorating Spoons Of Course ;)

Spoon me!!!

In between going dancing, cooking, going to a Speakeasy event at Sixth & I and editing photographs, I managed to get bored this weekend. I could have exercised, or done my laundry, or de-hoarded...but instead I decided to do something crafty: decorate a few wooden utensils. Doesn't everyone do that when they are bored?

I used the blue tape and the green paint I had left over from painting my kitchen, the polyurethane from my sofa table project, and permanent markers.

Basically, I taped off parts of the handles, painted them in green (a few coats!) and let the paint dry before removing the tape. I then used permanent markers to add extra color and put a coat of polyurethane to seal my creation.

Some of the color from the permanent markers bled a bit: maybe I should have waited a day before putting the clear protecting coat.

Don't they look adorable though?

I'm guessing these should not go into the dishwasher, and I would not stir any deep pots with these spoons since I don't know if the polyurethane is food safe. But still, these would brighten up any kitchen, and you can use them when stirfrying or sauteing something in a shallow skillet.


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Belinda said...

What a great idea!!

Rachel Cooks said...

How fun! These would be fun stocking stuffers!

Catherine Germann said...

Those are pretty enough to just hang on the wall for show! What a great idea. :-)

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

Thank you!! I'm glad you liked my little project ;)


Mariya M said...

Really cute!