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New Kitchen & Dining Room Things!!

There is no recipe today. Just a bunch of pictures of the new things in my dining room and kitchen. Hope you are okay with that.

I've been living in my condo for a bit over two years and I have FINALLY found, purchased and received my dining room set. It took me that long to find something I really liked.

The table is from West Elm and the chairs are from Crate & Barrel. I love that they are bright and called PERSIMMON :) Have I mentioned my obsession with persimmons lately!?

I've already hosted my first dinner party, and loved having people over to check out my new furniture. The table fits the space so much better than my old round dining room table, which went to my coworker's home!

A few weeks ago I was at the National Art Gallery and stopped at their gift store and found these GORGEOUS persimmon stone coasters. So I splurged and bought six of them. ♥

Here are three beautiful bowls my friend Sangeetha gave me! They are perfect for so many things!

This is a little craft project I did: I took an empty metal can of Nudo's Extra Virgin Olive Oil and super glued a few magnets on the back: perfect little container for holding pens. It's now attached to my refrigerator.

And finally, I bought a new yellow microplane! I've had a black one for years and loved it, but the yellow one is just so cute and adds a punch of color to my kitchen! My friend Nicole is getting my old black one.

Have you added anything fun to your kitchen or dining room lately?