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Name This Mystery Kitchen Tool!

A few weekends ago while visiting my friend Jenny and her boyfriend Chris in New York City, we went to check out a flea market in Brooklyn. It was so much fun: the building is completely gorgeous! I picked up a fun little tomato card and also found a strange rusty metal object. That object was only $5, so I thought it would be a cool kitchen decoration.

I then decided to ask people on my Mango Tomato FB page if they know what it is. Not only did I get a bunch of suggestions from my FB readers, but The Kitchn was nice enough to pose my question to their readers as well!

The top suggestions:

potato grater

spaetzle maker
grater for egg salad

bread grater

basically, a grater!

Other suggestions:


cooling rack

fish grill

bread toaster

pot strainer

a surface to put on top of a gas stove to char peppers, etc.

cheese curd maker

fly swatter

And the CORRECT answer is: 


"This is an old fashioned safety grater that is absolutely great for slaw and other things that  can be grated safely with no sharp edges. It is made of durable steel and dishwasher safe."
YOU can buy it too!

Hope you found this educational :) Have a grand weekend!