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How to Paint Your Stove Knobs & Photos of my Kitchen

If you came here to see Red, White & Blue recipes for 4th of July, you will be highly disappointed. But feel free to do a quick search for salads, sides, and beverages in the search window to the right :)

Instead, I'm going to share with you a few fun projects I did around my condo: I'm always doing something!

A few weeks ago I became obsessed with changing up the knobs on my stove from black to red. I was hoping to be able to buy red replacement knobs, but no such luck.

So I decided to spray paint them! One of the easiest projects ever.

How to Paint Your Stove Knobs 

This is the before photo:

I bought red spray paint that works for plastic surfaces and doesn't require any prep at Ace Hardware and last Saturday night went outside of my condo to spray paint. All you need is an old shower curtain, a spray paint bottle, some patience, and a few sticks.

Oh, and BUG SPRAY!!! I did not have bug spray and got bitten three times.

I put the stove knobs on random branches I found in the parking lot and spray painted them red. Then stuck the sticks in the ground to dry. Repeat 3 times.

Note: because I have a gas stove, I did not need to leave the "high," "medium," and "low," markings on my stove knobs intact. I can see the flame when I turn the stove on and can regulate the heat that way. If you have an electric stove, you'll have to make sure not to spray paint over those words.
Look at how great they look!!

And here is a wide shot of the stove with some of my favorite Le Creuset.

Now for a few extra projects around my kitchen: I finally decided to make a collage wall with a few pictures, cutting board, a beautiful wooden spoon from Pati Jinich and a grater, aka mystery object, I found in Brooklyn.

Another project I did a while back was taking empty container of Nudo Italia olive oil and using super glue to stick a few magnets to their backs: instant pen holders!

And just to show you another way I like to add color to my kitchen, check out my magnetic knife/utensil holder:

But wait!!! This is not all ;) My DIY projects don't just happen in the kitchen. They also take place in my bedroom.

Here is a bonus project: just by adding a bit of yellow ribbon and a drop of super glue, I completely changed the look of my bedroom lamps.

And before I say good bye and wish you a very happy, here is my fully accessorized shelf at the entrance of my condo (it used to be vertical in my bedroom, but I moved it out and put it on its side).


junglefrog said...

Nicely done Olga! Creative too! Loving the red knobs!

Megan said...

Your kitchen is so adorable. I love it. And you are super-creative! Your whole condo is just perfect! Happy 4th!