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Eating out with Instagram: Dinner at Doi Moi in DC with Evi


For our monthly dinner date, my friend Evi and I decided to check out the recently opened Doi Moi. Ok, technically I decided, and Evi agreed: she always lets me choose, and, luckily, I haven't disappointed yet. Doi Moi did not disappoint either. 

Doi Moi comes from Mark Kuller and Haidar Karoum who have two successful restaurants in DC: Estadio and Proof. Having been to both and loving not only the food but also the decor, I was eager to try out their third creation. The decor in Doi Moi is a combination of clean modern white elements with eclectic, colorful and Asian influences. I now wish I took a few photos: you'll just have to go and look for yourself, or check out a some photos from Eater DC.  Don't miss checking out the ladies' bathroom with its bright red tiles and black and white photography. I can't tell you what the men's bathroom is like.

Let's talk about the food. We started with beer (I had a papaya Kona variety) and then chose four dishes to share. While the noodles with vegetables seemed to be missing something, the other three dishes were great! I really enjoyed the fried squid with fried onions, the halibut curry and the duck curry. Make sure to order rice on the side. 

Aren't the colors of the dishes pretty? It's almost as if you can taste the heat and the acidity just by looking at them. The halibut was flaky and came in the spiciest sauce of the night. The duck, which I don't typically order, was tender and cooked to medium rare with a deep slightly sweet curry. 

Forget the option of brown rice and stick with sticky one (I could not help myself!!!).

The four dishes were a great amount of food for two people, but we decided to go for one more course. Evi ordered fried spring rolls, and I decided on a swirl: soft served combination of mango and sticky rice ice cream. It was the best way to cool my lips and tongue from the spicy dinner and serve as a sweet finale.

The service was spot on: we received recommendations, were asked how we liked our dishes and our water glasses were never empty.

I really liked all the plates, bowls, dishes and forks used in the restaurant: I would sooooo want one of each for my prop collection. Just saying.

This was not an inexpensive meal, but it was definitely money well spent. With two beers and 6 dishes total, plus tax and tip we each paid $54.

I need to go back to try out some of the other dishes.

Have a great weekend and go try something new in your city!