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Fat Free Dessert: Triple Citrus Sorbet & Limoneira

Last Friday was a gloomy rainy gross day, but I got a bit of sunshine courtesy of Limoneira. Limoneira sent me a box filled with their gorgeous lemons and Meyer lemons!!! I'm one lucky girl.

We are an agribusiness and real estate development company founded and based in Santa Paula, California, committed to responsibly using and managing our nearly 10,000 acres of land, water resources and other assets to maximize long-term stockholder value. We are one of California’s oldest citrus growers. We are one of the largest growers of lemons in the United States and the largest grower of avocados in the United States. In addition to growing lemons and avocados, we grow oranges and a variety of other specialty citrus and other crops. We have agricultural plantings throughout Ventura and Tulare Counties in California, which plantings consist of approximately 3,010 acres of lemons, 1,169 acres of avocados, 1,654 acres of oranges and 923 acres of specialty citrus and other crops. We also operate our own packinghouse in Santa Paula, California, where we process and pack lemons that we grow as well as lemons grown by others.

These lemons and Meyer lemons are larger and brighter than the ones you find at the store and smell incredible. The Meyer lemons have a softer thinner skin and an almost flowery sweet taste to them.

I was trying to think of a recipe to make with these beautiful citrus that would not require baking or loads of butter. That's when my friends Sylvie and K suggested I make sorbet. I have smart friends!

I decided to use Emeril Lagasses's Lemon Sorbet as a template and put my own stamp on his recipe.

Triple Citrus Sorbet

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
2/3 cups Meyer lemon juice
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/3 cup orange juice
1 tablespoon citrus zest (use combination of all 3)   


1. In a small pan combine water and sugar and bring to a boil. Turn the heat off and allow to cool.
2. Add the simple syrup (that's what that water and sugar made!) to the citrus juice and zest and pour into your ice cream maker. Follow the manufacturer's directions.

Store the sorbet in the freezer until ready to serve.

I served the sorbet in the empty Meyer lemon skins: adorable, yes?

This is such a wonderful and light and pretty dessert!! Thank you so much Limoneira for sending me your beautiful lemons and Meyer lemons.

Disclosure: Limoneira sent me a box of their citrus. I was under no obligation to blog about them and was not compensated in any way for this post. All opinions are my own. As always.


Megan said...

Absolutely adorable!

hapatite said...

Looks yum!