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Dinner at Compass Rose in Washington DC

Earlier this week my friend Evi and I got together for our monthly dinner night. Once again Evi let me choose a restaurant ;) I've heard many great things about recently opened Compass Rose and could not wait to check it out.

The concept of Compass Rose is awesome: you get to try dishes from all over the world. But don't worry: this is not one of those restaurants with a menu that has a zillion pages. The menu of Compass Rose is one page long and has great flavors from India, Peru, Brazil, etc.

This time around we chose four dishes and really liked all of them.

Lamb Kefta (Lebanon): ground lamb, olives, garam masala, sumac, zatar, freekeh, lemon tahini. I wanted a tub of the lemon tahini dressing: it went great with the fried potatoes we ordered as a side.
Khachapuri (Georgia): cheese filled bread, organic egg, spring butter. OMG!! This is something I could eat daily: carbs, cheese and a runny egg yolk. Incredibly messy and satisfying.

Fried Baked Potato with salsa verde and pecorino: what's not to love about potatoes? These were baked, then cut into thick slices, wholes punched out (like doughnuts!) and then fried and topped with green salsa and cheese. DELICIOUS!
Bhel Puri Chaat (India): puff rice, sev, potato, tomato, sunflower sprouts, peanuts, mint & tamarind chutney, lettuce cups. This was such an incredibly flavorful vegetarian dish. Order it as an appetizer to share or as a main dish if you don't want any seafood or meat. Check out my simpler version of this dish here.

I can't wait to come back once Compass Rose gets a few desserts on the menu.

So if you love traveling and trying new food but don't have enough vacation days, funds, or your passport is expired, go to Compass Rose and you'll feel like you've visited several countries in just an hour. And better yet, have a staycation in one of these: The 12 Best Airbnbs In Washington DC!!

Have a good weekend!