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Have Leftover Sparkling White Wine? Make Orange & Cherry Wine Spritzer

Remember a while back I wrote a post about what you could do if you had leftover wine? Well, today I share another idea with you: Orange & Cherry Wine Spritzer.

Here's what happened:
1) I bought yet another bottle of New Age {because I ♥ it}
2) I had a few glasses throughout a week, but had a bit of wine left in the bottle
3) I saw my friend Cecilia instagram that she was making mimosas this past Saturday
4) I had a jar of sour cherries from World Market

SO I decided to put all these things together and make a spritzer! That's just how my mind works ;)

Orange & Cherry Wine Spritzer
freshly squeezed orange juice
liquid from jarred sour cherries {You can find it in World Market or Trader Joe's or any Russian store}
sparkling white wine {I used New Age}

1. Pour orange juice in a glass.
2. Add liquid from jarred sour cherries.
3. Top with sparkling white wine.
4. Cheers!

You can use whichever proportions you want: I tried to make 1:1:1. Clearly if you want the spritzer to be more boozy, you would just add more wine. You can also make the same cocktail with champagne, or make it booze free by using sparkling water. I think this turned out gorgeous and delicious.


sherrijo said...

yum! I love sour cherries... and wine... and OJ... so this would be great for me :)